Erosion & Sediment Control

An Extension of Our Compost Blanket Capabilities

Revegetation and seeding

Hydro seeding and compost blankets

Establishing plant cover on denuded soils is the basic building block of erosion control.


Establishing grass cover is the most fundamental and crucial method of erosion/ sediment control. It pays not to overlook its importance. Our expert team creates the optimal seed/ media mix to suit site conditions for optimal results – higher germination/ growth rates and healthier vegetation long-term. That means better erosion/ sediment control performance and minimal maintenance costs.

We recommend compost blankets for their many advantages, augmented by hydro-seeding to provide cover where erosion/ sediment control needs are minimal. Find out more about the superior performance of Eco Express EPA-approved compost blankets.

Steep slope stabilization


Living walls and geo-textile blankets

Solving the problems of gradients increasing erosion rates, sediment, and speed of run-off.

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We deliver a highly effective solution that combines all the benefits of our compost blanket with the underpinning of geo-textiles.

Stream bank protection

Edge saver, aquatic planting and rip-rap

Long term stabilization of banks to limit erosion and reduce sediment entering waterways.

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Filtrexx Edge Saver lines stream banks to provide erosion protection while vegetation is being established. The unique compost-filled design increases the success and growth rate of plants which are planted directly into it. Being biodegradable, the product naturally breaks down during revegetation, leaving nothing behind. Perfect for sensitive waterway projects.

To compliment this technology we can provide the right aquatic plantings and install rip-rap for larger/ steeper banks requiring greater erosion control.

Run-off barrier protection

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Traditionally, perimeter sediment control was handled by silt fences alone. At EcoExpress we offer not only silt fencing, but are also certified installers of Filtrexx Filter Soxx. These EPA-approved three-dimensional filter socks are filled with compost to improve filtration rates, slow the speed of run-off and remove more pollutants from stormwater.

For perimeter sediment control and inlet protection where greater pollution control is required we have Soil Clean. This unique active-carbon product is enriched with beneficial microbes to sequester and remediate more contaminants.

Erosion control is an important component for most construction sites today. Increasing regulations by the EPA require contractors to have the capabilities to tackle the toughest issues in a time sensitive manner. Eco Express has the experience and equipment to install the most challenging BMPs.  We consult with engineers and customers to determine what specifications are right for your site.  Eco Express is equipped to handle any size job at an affordable cost.

  • Nature Zones
  • Permanent and Temporary Seeding
  • Hydro-Seeding
  • Straw and Mulch Seeding
  • Native Seeding
  • Compost Blanket / Terra Seeding
  • Geo-textile Blankets
  • Sod Installation
  • Silt Fence Installation and Removal
  • Safety Fence Installation and Removal
  • Inlet Protection and Check Dams
  • Stream Bank Stabilization and Construction
  • Living Walls and Embankments

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