Compost Blankets and Technology

Superior Compost Applications that Meet More Needs

Compost is extremely effective and versatile. At Eco Express we specialize in superior, EPA-approved compost blankets and applying the many advantages of compost for more effective erosion/ sediment control solutions.

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Stormwater control

  • EPA-approved solution
  • 99% effective as erosion control
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Removes pollutants from stormwater
  • Slows the speed of run-off
  • Reduces sheet and rill erosion

Compost’s porous structure promotes percolation, absorbs rainfall energy, and retains large volumes of water. This reduces/ slows run-off, eliminates soil compaction, and filters pollutants such as heavy metals, nitrogen, phosphorous, oil, fuel, and more.

Not just blankets… compost in other erosion/ sediment controls

At Eco Express we have been one of the pioneers in applying the advantages of compost to better meet a wider range of requirements.

Compost is an ideal material for meeting green standards on sustainability, performance and green purchasing (it’s organic, recycled, and renewable).

Improved soil and plant growth

  • 100% soil coverage, including steep slopes
  • Custom seed mix can be added
  • Improves native grass establishment
  • Reduces the need for irrigation
  • Certified BioBased
  • 100% organic, recycled and reusable

More effective than hydroseeding. Excellent water retention and stimulation of microbial activity increase nutrient availability for plants, improve soil structure, and create a microclimate for more successful seed germination.

Soil treatment – stabilize poor soil conditions and improve revegetation rates.

Steep slope stabilization – combining compost with geo-textile blankets or with living walls.

Silt filter socks – silt barriers for improved perimeter protection and filtration.

Bioswales/ basins – treat/ filter stormwater run-off and other liquid contaminants.

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