The EcoExpress Approach

Reducing Life-cycle Costs while Complying with Environmental Regulations and Green Standards

EcoExpress’ proven methods and advanced technology make environmental sense. Even better… you get cost-effective solutions that make economical sense. Solutions are only sustainable if they’re ecologically and economically sound.

Green practices aren’t a “nice-to-have” option. Not any more. Current EPA/ state regulations enforce Best Management Practices to limit the impact of developments. And the regulation is only going to get tougher.

The EcoExpress approach is to deliver services and products that help our customers reduce life-cycle costs while complying with environmental regulations and meeting green standards such as Net Zero Goals and DoD/ DoE Initiatives, Sustainable, Renewable, Organic, LEED and Certified BioPreferred.

We deliver cost-effective solutions to developers, contractors, DOT, military and municipal customers.